The contest between Delegate Chris Peace and Supervisor Scott Wyatt for the nomination for Delegate for the 97th Legislative District (made up of Hanover, New Kent, and King William counties) has involved an unusual and tangled political and legal process that is unprecedented in Virginia politics.  The content of this website is dedicated to providing a clear, unambiguous chronology of the events, meetings, processes and appeals over the course of this race beginning in January, 2018 and continuing to June, 2019.

You are encouraged to follow the chain of events that led to the nomination of Supervisor Scott Wyatt at a convention held on May 4th and a subsequent canvass held on June 1 for Delegate Chris Peace resulting in two competing candidate certifications to the Va. State Board of Elections. Leadership of the Republican Party of Virginia has played an integral part in this nomination contest which has been at odds with the actions of the 1st Congressional District Committee and the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia.  As content is made available, additional items will be added to the timeline.